Date With Destiny 2009

“Date With Destiny” by is where you find balance and true fulfillment in your life.

I have been to Anthony Robbins Date With Destiny in 2005, Australia Gold Coast. Thank God, I was there! The events by Tony Robbins are always hyper and loving.

A quick info about Tony Robbins Date With Destiny are always done twice a year one in the U.S, the other in Australia. But after 2009, the Australia event will be moving to another country, most likely in Hawaii. Well that is after next year, I will talk about what I have gone through.

The first 5 days of the program is teaching you about yourself, where you need to know yourself and how you want to change by using NLP skills and the techniques Tony will be teaching. Furthermore during the event, Tony will be able to sense and pinpoint out people who are in deep distress or even in the edge of killing oneself. Using other people’s situations to make the other distressed realise how they can get out of their problems.

As we have understand ourselves, then we can start to understand others, that’s why the last day is on relationship with others. How to align yourself with your loved ones. By communicating and setting rules will be able to reach a new level to your relationship.

In 2009 will be the last one in Australia, so we are promoting the event at Sing Dollar $5,995, that is like almost Sing $3,000 difference. That’s a lot of money. This is really very affordable compare to the Australia investment.

Details of the event:

Date: 19th ~ 24th April 2009

Venue: Conrad Jupiter, Australia Gold Coast

Investment: Singapore Dollar $5,995/person (till end of Dec 08)

Anthony Robbbins Birthday Promo: Singapore Dollar $4,995/person (till 7th Mar 09)

So give me a email contact(at) when you decided.

**We are giving out a 30 day conditioning email and a 60 mins audio from Anthony Robbins. Click here to download.

Want to find out what Tony will share with you in Date With Destiny? You can have it in your room. Try The Power To Shape Your Destiny Audio CD here.

Live with passion!!!

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  1. It is true, Tony is shifting his focus to Asia. You guys are lucky – Going to an Anthony Robbins event is a must do at least once in your life.

    As you know, next year’s (2009) Date With Destiny is the last one that Anthony Robbins will be holding in Australia. A bit of a shame really as he is really one of a kind and it will mean that any Australian who wants to see him will have to travel overseas.

    I saw Anthony Robbins at UPW this year for the second time and whilst he has lost nothing in intellect and in energy, he has been told by his doctors to take it easy (and preserve his voice) and that is why the 2009 “Date with Destiny” seminar will be the last one held in Australia. Wealth Mastery and Unleash the Power Within (UPW) won’t be held in Australia next year at all.

    Have a look – it only goes for about seven minutes.

    Have a great day.


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