Christopher Howard: Turning Passions Into Profit Book Review

Christopher Howard: Turning Passions Into Profits

Have you ever read a book and thought it rang so true – giving you that much-sought after life perspective you’ve been searching your whole life?

That’s how I felt after I read this book from cover to cover.

There was one particular chapter in the book that when I read it gave me some chills and kept me awake at night. That particular chapter is related to Einstein, the Universe and a particular scientifically-proven law of physics.It’s been a long time that a non-fiction book can move one so deeply but this book did!

I have to admit the title is a misnomer: the book is never about “turning a profit” or “how to get rich” book.

In fact it actually points you that the road to financial freedom actually lies in the area between your ears and deep within your heart.

Chris asks you to examine your inner thoughts and value systems through various NLP exercises.

As you go through the exercises faithfully, your natural being will start to change. You begin to understand that people struggle financially because they act as if wealth is something outside of themselves over which they have no power.

The individuals who are floundering in business, stuck in jobs they don’t like or frustrated about their lack of progress are the ones walking around saying:

“I would be rich, but I’m not because…my parents didn’t teach me any skills…I would’ve started my own business, but I couldn’t because…the bank wouldn’t give me a loan…because I didn’t go to the right school…because my spouse won’t let me….”

They are so busy searching for excuses for their failures, they won’t even see the opportunities all around them! When someone points the finger outside themselves, they rob themselves of power. They’re essentially saying that somebody else determines their results.

You then question yourself…Why would you do that?

This exceptional book by Christopher Howard titled “Turning Passions Into Profits” answers the following questions admirably:

  • What does it take to live a life of wealth and fulfilment?
  • Why does success seem to come so easily to some, while others struggle and fail?
  • And how do I build the kind of financial freedom I’ve always wanted, doing something I’m passionate about?

Exploring the background of various successful entrepreneurs like Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson, Chris explains in the form of a mind-map what made them who they are.

He explains what happens when you Harness the Power of Focus:

If you were to take a 250-watt light bulb and plug it into a power source, you could light up a room. But if you directed that same 250 watts of energy through a laser, you could cut through steel.

That is the power of focus. Persistent focus is one of the most common traits of billionaires.

Warren Buffett once said, “I’m like a Tiger Woods, or a Michael Jordan…these people have an incredible ability to focus.”

From day to day, Buffett pours his attention on reading financial reports and analysing businesses so that he can interpret the numbers and recognise the investments that will pay off over time. Focusing on one objective intensively generates propulsion in the direction you want to go. So how do you access this kind of intense power of focus?

And more importantly, how do you direct it like that laser to cut a path straight to your dreams and create the life you personally desire?

First…Choose Goals You’re Passionate About. Focus and follow-through come naturally from passion. Thomas Edison was passionate about finding a way to harness electricity.

He kept his attention riveted on this one vision of homes staying lit even into the night, then he persisted through thousands of failed attempts until the light bulb literally lit up the world.

Bill Gates relentlessly pursued one clear intention— Microsoft would be the first to market with their Office operating system.

The stories behind both Gates’ and Edison’s success are rife with technical difficulties, personal challenges, stiff competition and outside resistance.

Yet, it was their single-mindedness of purpose that lent them almost super-human strength to overcome obstacles. Their focus and resolve proved a stronger force than any outer circumstances.

The truth is, no one is missing anything—every individual has the same potential to take charge of their financial situation, no matter your circumstances, level of education, or business experience.

Whatever wealth and fulfillment mean to you, YOU have the innate ability to make your unique visions a reality.

All you need to start is a dream…and this system of achievement, based on the beliefs, perceptions, skill sets and strategies of the most legendary billionaires and greatest leaders of nations. This book should be on the bookshelf of every entrepreneur.

Even if you don’t want to become a billionaire, learning to think and behave like one will blow the doors off of what’s possible for you, in life and in business.

Chris Howard is one of the world’s leading authorities on the psychology of wealth and accelerated personal achievement.

As entrepreneur and CEO of The Christopher Howard Companies, he has developed a system to replicate the success strategies of the world’s most legendary leaders and billionaires that has assisted long lasting, break through performance results.

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