Jim Rohn, Goodbye To You…..

Jim Rohn, the great business philosopher, teacher, mentor and motivator who has changed so many people’s lives, passed away on the 5th Dec 2009.

Fighting for What’s Right

I love Rocky movies, they are so inspiring to me. I am not sure about you, but I think they are a great investment to own. Below is a short video clip from Rocky Balboa The Movie, it is talking about Rocky coming back to the boxing arena when he is like around 60 years old. And the how the world around him tries to stop the champ from boxing again.

I Was Focused Towards Success

I have something to confess to you, when I first start attending seminars years ago, I did not take action on the things I learned from the speakers. Were you like that before? Oh man!!! We are the same!!! Thank God I was not like that all along!

But things slowly changed as I continued to attend seminars (which cost a lot but now I look back was actually my best investments), my thoughts began to take action in reality.

Christopher Howard: Turning Passions Into Profit Book Review

Have you ever read a book and thought it rang so true – giving you that much-sought after life perspective you’ve been searching your whole life? That’s how I felt after I read this book from cover to cover.

There was one particular chapter in the book that when I read it gave me some chills and kept me awake at night. That particular chapter is related to Einstein, the Universe and a particular scientifically-proven law of physics. It’s been a long time that a non-fiction book can move one so deeply but this book did!

Cashflow 101 Competition: What A Turnout!

The Cashflow 101 Competition was great fun! Even on a Sunday morning, the exceptional turnout was impressive. With over 600 people turning up seated at over a hundred tables, the competition was well-underway by 9.30am.

How Steve Jobs Earn Billions Using Itunes

Itunes is one of the tools that Steve Jobs used to help Apple earn billions in sales. How did this happen and why is it that Steve Jobs was able to make Apple, an almost bankrupt company into a cutting edge technology company?

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