Cashflow 101 Competition: What A Turnout!

The Cashflow 101 Competition was great fun! Even on a Sunday morning, the exceptional turnout was impressive at Singapore Expo Hall 4. With over 600 people turning up and seated at over a hundred tables, the competition was well-underway by 9.30am.

Facilitated by one of the Rich Dad Advisors himself, Kelly Ritchie – it was fun to watch how participants played this game that closely reflects your attitude towards wealth generation.

After a brief introduction to the rules of the game, the game started off with great gusto thanks to the enthusiasm of the large crowd.

There is no doubt everyone wants to become rich but those who actually make it are so little. Some might even have asked these questions to themselves many times:

  • How come I’m not earning enough money?
  • How do I get paying clients that stick with me? Is my business model working right?
  • How come no matter how hard I work and earn, it is never enough?

As you play the game, you are presented with business opportunities (additional stream of income) or setbacks (being retrenched) or a new addition to the family (additional expenses).

Some players were retrenched three times in a row (really really bad dice throw) but surprisingly enough despite the early setbacks – there were those who actually managed to escape the rat race! Their passive income easily exceeded their expenses and liabilities. It was quite clear who will win the game.

The reason was that they clearly acknowledged and took advantage of business opportunities or great bargains (like an undervalued stock or property) presented to them. They took action and didn’t hesitate to create another stream of cash to come in.

The next question of course comes in: how do you train yourself to identify such opportunities when they come by? One way is of course through education and picking the right mentors to learn from. A clear example is of course Mr Bellum Tan who rose from humble beginnings to set up Rich Dad Asia and became a millionaire a few times over in the process. I’m sure one can easily guess who his mentors are.

The Cashflow game closely mirrors real life – life is just as unpredictable as the throw of the dice.  It is said how you play the game reflects your mindset towards wealth creation. But one thing clear in the minds of the people who were present was that a single source of income is not a guarantee. In fact, it is a great risk especially in times of recession like now – to just depend on a single job.

It was a lovely and educational atmosphere to be in with every person taking away valuable lessons on cashflow importance and generating different income streams. And the winners clearly deserved their complimentary tickets to meet Robert Kiyosaki and his team of advisors who will be coming in May to Singapore!

Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Live In Singapore 2009

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  1. Yup, it was a fiesta… I was there too… except that the playing was much too short, barely an hour into it and getting hot! Now, we’re having more kicks having our own Cashflow 101 monthly sessions.

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