Cashflow 101 Competition: Largest In Asia!

Cashflow 101 Board Game Competition

I have recently heard that Success Resources will be organizing the largest Cashflow 101 Competition in Asia! Boy, I like to see the crowd playing there. Imagine that there are 100 tables with 5 people playing Cashflow 101, there will be 500 people playing at the same time. That will be a lot of fun!

Cashflow 101 is invented by Robert Kiyosaki, almost at the same time he wrote the book called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. I have personally played the Cashflow 101 game for over 20 times now, and I still enjoy the game very much.

The purpose of this board game is to educate you in your financial knowledge. If you want to be rich, then this cash flow 101 is for you. It’s because it will show you your true nature when it comes to money. Are you a spender (most of the people are), an investor (not a lot of them), entrepreneur (even lesser numbers than the investor), or worker (the situation most people are in now), or a risk taker (few who made it to be rich)?

The Cashflow 101 revolves around accounting a lot, where this is the basic of business and investing. Knowing whether you are making money or losing money in your investment is a very fine line between success or failure. The accounting process in this game is very basic, you will need to debit the transaction somewhere and credit it somewhere. If you are not very familiar with the accounting entries, fear not.

The game is set that for every transaction you make in the game, someone next to you will double check your entries. You will learn accounting basics at the end of the Cashflow 101 game.

The Cashflow 101 game’s  rule is that you must have a passive income that is greater than your monthly expenses. If you do achieve this, you will then be upgraded to the arena of the rich. Learning how to INVEST FAST is the key to winning the game. The game is reflected like in our daily lives where opportunities appear to us daily, weekly and monthly.

It is how we can perceive them to our advantage and be able to get out of the game in the fastest time possible.

Cashflow 101 will show you your true nature in your mindset towards money, sort of like a mirror showing you your financial future. Robert Kiyosaki has said that the game is a reflection of yourself in life. Wouldn’t you want to know what your true financial nature is?

Find out whether in life have you been playing a game to win or to lose! If you are interested to take part in this history-making competition, click here to join now.

Details for Singapore and Malaysia

Venue: Singapore Expo: Hall 4
Date: Sunday, 15th Mar 2009
Time: 9am ~ 12pm
Fee: SGD $35/person


Venue: Banquet Hall – UPM Serdang
Date: 15th Mar 2009
Time: 2pm ~ 5pm

Robert Kiyosaki Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Live In Singapore 2009

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