Boyd Au Genesis Entrepreneurship Training (GET) Program

Recently at the second half of last year in 2009, I was very fortunate to be acquainted with Boyd Au.

As a budding business owner and being in the trenches for about 2 years, the opportunity to learn from a successful businessman like Boyd Au was not something to be missed!

During the 2 full days seminar, Boyd guided us through relevant real life examples of businesses that needed a strong turnaround.

As the first class was small,  we were lucky enough to actually gain personalized business consulting/review session with him where he analyzed thoroughly the underlying strength and weaknesses of our business plan.

It’s been about 4 months and the business coaching I’ve received from Boyd Au has proven to be invaluable. More importantly, his sessions reminded how necessary it was to break down the big goals to smaller, measurable and achievable DAILY goals.

It’s a heartening experience as well when you realized that there’s nothing else he wants more but to actually see you succeed and help you achieve your business goals.

A bit of background about this very humble and down-to-earth businessman:

Boyd Au is a Successful Entrepreneur having started his business from scratch and built it into a public-listed company with turnover close to $80million and products sold in more than 30 countries.

He has since sold off his stake in that company and is now dedicated to helping other entrepreneurs to succeed via his training, coaching and mentoring. He is currently mentoring 25 business owners. Boyd aims to leave a legacy of having trained and mentored at least 7 highly-successful entrepreneurs of the next generation.

Boyd has 25 years of proven track record in Entrepreneurship and also have invested in many businesses. Having gone through a lot of ups and downs in business, Boyd has collected a wealh of wisdom and experience that would prove valuable to anyone who wants to be successful in business.

Take this rare opportunity to tap into his experiences and learn

  • The HABITS an Entrepreneur MUST HAVE for SUCCESS
  • What you need to do to Make Your Business SUCCESSFUL
  • Why having the RIGHT CONNECTIONS can increase your chances of success
  • How you can be COACHED & MENTORED by a successful entrepreneur
  • How Boyd can inspire you even if you have no business ideas!

This seminar is for aspiring entrepreneurs who wants to start a business but do not know how or what to do next. This is also suitable for those who are already in business and are seeking a qualified business mentor or coach. For more information, drop a message through the contact form. Don’t miss out!

Discover how you too can start a business with the right foundation and minimize common mistakes of an entrepreneur.
Spend An Evening With Boyd And Learn …

  • What are the 7 “Must-Have” HABITS of Successful Entrepreneurs
  • What you need to do to Make Your Business SUCCESSFUL!
  • Why having the RIGHT CONNECTIONS can increase your chances of success
  • How you can be COACHED & MENTORED by a successful entrepreneur and how Boyd can INSPIRE YOU even if you have no business ideas!
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