Bellum Tan’s Rich Dad Cashflow Workshop Review

Mr Bellum TanYesterday I was at the Rich Dad Cashflow Workshop conducted by Bellum Tan which was held at YMCA Singapore. It was not a very huge event, but the sharing by Mr Bellum Tan on RichDad’s principle of business and investing. Before that you can click here to read more about Mr Bellum Tan.

I have known Mr Bellum since 2007, and have heard him spoken a couple of times. It’s always refreshing to learn from him.

During the event, Bellum shared with us why he continued to teach using RichDad’s principle, its because he made a promise to Robert Kiyosaki. Here is the story: A few years ago, Bellum was again in Robert Kiyosaki’s event in U.S. He was staying in Robert’s home, and Bellum was so grateful to Robert for the teachings learn from Robert, so he asked Robert, “I want to give you a gift for the years of teaching and the investment I have with you. Tell me what is it that you like to have?”

Robert replied “Bellum, I do not need anything. I have the money to buy whatever I want. I just want you to continue teaching what I have taught you to the world.” This was the promise Bellum made to Robert, and the reason why Bellum is still teaching now despite his age.

There is a very important lesson which I learn during event. In most of life, we went through the school education, work, marry, make babes, etc… In RichDad’s teaching each and everyone of us are given time to start the game of our life. The game of life has 4 quarters, each quarter has 10 years of time. The game of life starts when everyone of us are 25 years old, presuming all of us went through the university.

The average age of man is 78, and woman is 83, which means the end of game. Now we were told to tear away the part where our ages is, most of us when doing this, found out almost 1/3 (some even half) were left. Most of us were shocked when we did this, we realised how little time we have left to be financially free.

Then Bellum told us to set the age we want to be financially free or making our first million, which we did. Then Bellum told us to tear away the set financially free age, we realised that our lifetime here in this world is now getting shorter. This simple measurement of the game of life made me realised that time is always moving, and it does not wait for anybody. I must get my financial free age (make a million SGD) confirmed in 35 (I am 32 this year), and yes this is also a promise to all who is watching this blog post.

I will be writing another post on what Bellum was teaching during the event soon. By the way the one day event (Rich Dad Cashflow Workshop) is very affordable, like less than SGD $50, which is so much better than watching a movie, where you can only learn little, but in the event you will be learning skills that can change your life.

The event is held every once in 2 months. Use the contact form to inform us that you are interested in the event. Hear from you who are interested.

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