Boyd Au Genesis Entrepreneurship Training (GET) Program

Recently at the second half of last year in 2009, I was very fortunate to be acquainted with Boyd Au. As a budding business owner and being in the trenches for about 2 years, the opportunity to learn from a successful businessman like Boyd Au was not something to be missed!

Christopher Howard: Turning Passions Into Profit Book Review

Have you ever read a book and thought it rang so true – giving you that much-sought after life perspective you’ve been searching your whole life? That’s how I felt after I read this book from cover to cover.

There was one particular chapter in the book that when I read it gave me some chills and kept me awake at night. That particular chapter is related to Einstein, the Universe and a particular scientifically-proven law of physics. It’s been a long time that a non-fiction book can move one so deeply but this book did!

Advanced Search Engine Optimization 5-Day Seminar Review

How important is the visibility of your website to your current customers? Perhaps not much especially if your customers already know you and are currently buying from you.

Rephrasing that question: How important is the visibility of your website to your POTENTIAL customers?

Cashflow 101 Competition: What A Turnout!

The Cashflow 101 Competition was great fun! Even on a Sunday morning, the exceptional turnout was impressive. With over 600 people turning up seated at over a hundred tables, the competition was well-underway by 9.30am.

The Necessary Valentine’s Day Post

In advance, do forgive me for writing this utterly frivolous article. It’s the first time I’m writing at I’m sure people are tired of reading the same old “economy in recession” news.

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